I can hardly believe a years past but my last post to this blog was July 2010. So sad because one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more consistent with my blogging, and not dropping food on my computer (say the girl who just dropped a big wet rigatoni noodle on the bottom of her keyboard). That gives me a great idea for a new tee shirt but I have to sketch it out before I share it. Last time I blogged about a great idea I didn’t get to it fast enough and I saw it in a jewelry booth at Pagan Pride Day.  Lesson learned!

This year has just flown by, I can’t believe that Midsummer is almost here. Speaking of Midsummer, I was trying to think of ideas for a Midsummer’s greeting card. My mine is blank, other than the giant sunflowers. Artists block can really be unnerving. I was thinking of having a little Midsummer’s BBQ and I was only able to come up with two designs.

I think I have an idea of what’s wrong. My studio is a mess and I have a list of about TEN unfinished projects that are sitting (more like hiding) around my office. I think that and the rest of the general clutter has got my chi all outta whack. So tomorrow I decided to spend the morning cleaning up the clutter and organizing the projects that I need to complete. I’ve all ready got a calendar printed out so I can set goals when I’m going to finish each project and highlight each day to make sure I don’t miss my goals.

After that I’m going to complete any projects that I can and then do a general cleansing.  Hopefully that will get the energy in here cleared up enough to remove any blocks from my creativity. Depending on tomorrow’s success I may do some additional work to help boost my creativity. If not, maybe I need to get back and reconnect with nature again. I have been spending a lot of time in front of this computer lately. I might just do that tomorrow.

Speaking of busy, I just wanted to share my first Pagan product in my new store Silver Raven Moon. I was playing around in Photoshop with some new styles and made this cool purple jelly Pentacle. It’s very simply embossed to raise off the white background. Tonight I just made a necklace to go along with the shirts, cards and other items my Purple Pentacle is on. Here’s the Purple Pentacle Necklace that I made.


I get frustrated when I go to the store to try to find a card or gift for myself or one of my friends. I’m sure it would be easier if I lived in a bigger city that was more liberal but I live in a small, more rural community that only has 2 small metaphysical stores. That frustration has given me some really good ideas for other Pagan and Wiccan clothing and home decor items. I can’t wait to get this artist block out of the way and start designing.

Alas, it’s 4:42pm, oops, 4:43pm and I do need to figure out what we’re having for dinner. Last night’s Italian style pasta bake was really good but it was really heavy. Maybe tonight we’ll have the last tilapia I have in the freezer and a big salad. Yeah, I think that sounds good I better go defrost the fish.

Blessed be and have a wonderful weekend!
Silver Raven Moon


I just wanted to share some totally awesome news with you… I found an organization that sends special care packages to our Pagan and Wiccan troops it’s called Operation Circle Care! As the wheel of the year turns and we get ready to start the fall fire festivals many of us start thinking of Yule. Circle Sanctuary, who started Operation Circle Care, say they’re always in need of Pagan items for their care packages including Pagan books, music and magazines as well as spiritual and personal items like Pentacles, alter cloths and incense.

Now that I’ve found Operation Circle Care I definitely plan to help out. Having been unemployed for a while now I can’t afford to donate funds to help shipping or buy new items but being the crafty little chica I am I have a ton of ideas of things I can make them. My first thought was Happy Samhain and Merry Yule cards. I love to play with clay so I could always make small pentacles that they can keep in their pack or footlocker. I could always do hand painted designs on wood or decoupage a graphic art picture. I don’t know which of my many ideas will work best for the care packages. I’ll make a few samples and post some photos. If you have a great craft project idea that you think would help our troops please feel free to post a comment or email me.

Blessed be,
Silver Raven Moon


Operation Circle Care http://www.circlesanctuary.org/ministries/military/operationcirclecare.html
Circle Sanctuary http://www.circlesanctuary.org

Well, I did a little playing before heading off to lunch here. I created a new blog banner with some of those new brushes I downloaded from ObsidianDawn.com. The Goddess is from a rubber stamp I picked up a few years ago at a Stamp Show and main font is Papyrus and the subtitle font is Felix Tilting. I created the blue background paper with a texture photo and brushes from the following Obsidian Dawn collections: Dark & Gothic (pentacle), Butterflies-n-tails (2 butterflies), Astrology Sketches (Pisces & Scorpio signs), Celtic Vectors (trinity knot), Light Beams (behind pentacle).

I plan on making some scrapbook graphics for some pages I’ve wanted to work on. Background papers will be first then maybe word art or tags. I’ll just have to see what I’m inspired to create.

Blessed be,
Silver Raven Moon



Ever since I started scrapbooking back in 1998 I’ve been looking for Pagan, Wiccan, astrological or any other ‘metaphysical’ theme craft supplies.  I’ve found some items… mostly ‘fairy’ theme. But lately I’ve been seeing more elements that can be used in Pagan and metaphysical craft projects.

This first one came to me courtesy of my mom. She’s always on the lookout for craft supplies & elements that she knows I can use in crafting my craft. She found the cutest set of astrological clear rubber stamps called What’s Your Sign? at Oriental Trading Company(Craft supplies & Hobbies>Scrapbooking>Clear Stamps) . They have a bunch of nature designs and a cool oriental design too.  I’m so excited now I can add cute astrological images to my art.

This second one is all me! You all know I LOVE my computer. I’ve been a computer geek since the early 80’s. I’m a certified Photoshop junkie! I have Photoshop CS on my laptop and PS Elements for my desktop. I love surfing the net looking for free brushes, actions and digital scrapbook kits. Yesterday I found Obsidian Dawn, a super awesome site that offers free brushes for Photoshop and PSE. The coolest thing is that many of their brushes are metaphysically or Pagan inspired. They have 2 Egyptian Hieroglyph brushes, a Celtic Knot brush, Arcane Runes brush, Arcane Circles brush, Alchemy, Aurora, Spider Webs and my personal favorite the Dark & Gothic brushes. This last set has everything from a Pentacle, skulls, gargoyles, medieval crosses, bats, a tombstone, Gothic rose and stained glass window patterns. Make sure to stop by Obsidian Dawn and don’t forget to check out the Ghosts brush too!

I’m off to go play in Photoshop and see what I can come up with!

Blessed be,

Goddess Wish Box (top)I love the beautiful Wishing Pyramids I see at the Holistic & Metaphysical Fairs. They’re very nice but a bit simple, usually with just an etched design. I wanted to design something for a friend that was a bit more specific for her personal needs. I came up with The Goddess Wish Box.

This is a simple project. Teens and older children with supervision can easily create their own wish box. All of these supplies can be found at your local craft store or online. Here’s what you’ll need…

2 part casting resin (I used Everlasting Elegance found in the floral department)supplies
1 wood craft box
Acrylic craft paint
1 Package Polymer clay
Push molds
Pearlescent powders
1 12×12 piece scrapbook paper (I choose a whimsical design by Flavia that matched my design)
Rubber stamps
Mod Podge
Craft Goop (not pictured)

I gently removed the closing latch from both the lid and body of the box then painted the inside and outside of the craft box with contrasting colors of purple paint.

While the various layers of paint dried I cut the 12″x12″ scrapbook paper into long strips that were just shorter than the height of the body of the box (apx 12″x1 3/8″).  I used various rubber stamps to add the worlds Solstice and Goddess and images of various Goddesses. Choose rubber stamps that support and compliment your theme.

I lined the strips of scrapbook paper up where I wanted them and creased the corners. I applied a light layer of Mod Podge in approximately 2″ sections and pressed the scrapbook paper to the box. I worked in 2″ sections to keep the paper aligned with the edge of the box so I wouldn’t have to trim or tuck it later. After I had gotten all the way around the box I added two light layers of Mod Podge to seal the paper to the box.

As the box dried I preheated my oven to the manufactures setting for the Polymer Clay I was using. I conditioned the clay and measured the necessary amounts to make one face and 2 word tiles. I brushed my push molds with baby powder and pushed the clay into the molds to form my pieces. 

I dabbed Pearlescent powders on the face and words then backed them for 15 minutes. I removed the pieces from the over and placed the baking sheet on a cooling rack and let them sit for 30 minutes.

After the box was dried I covered the top of the box and the recessed area with a medium coat of Mod Podge to seal all the cracks and crevasses.  After the box was dry I applied another light coat of Mod Podge inside the recessed area and sprinkled it with various colors of glitter and mini metallic silver moons and stars. I allowed the layer with glitter to dry and glued the clay pieces down with Craft Goop and let the goop set.

After about an hour I mixed the 2 part resin to the manufacturer’s standards and gently poured the resin around the clay pieces till it was just to the top of the recessed area of the lid. I sprinkled a light dusting of glitter on the top of the casting resin for added dimension. I created a loose paper tent to prevent debris from falling onto the casting resin and I let the box sit for 48 hours.

  Goddess Wish Box (top)Box (front)

Now that I’ve made this one I’m thinking of a God Wish Box for Summer Solstice and other boxes for other seasons or tastes. I’d love to hear from you if you make this project yourself, email me.

Blessed be,


Most of us who consider ourselves Pagan didn’t grow up this way. I was raised in a Roman Catholic family so there were always Rosary beads in the house. My Grandmother had 4 different sets of beads: one for daily prayer, one for church, another for holidays and special occasions and a special Rosary that came from Rome and was blessed by Pope John Paul II.  I always thought Rosary beads were so beautiful and always found comfort when holding them. I still find a certain sense of peace or comfort when I hold Rosary beads today.

As we past Ostara and Easter I’m taken back to memories of my childhood and going to church with my Mom and Grandma. They always had their Rosaries with them. This inspired me to designs a new piece of “jewelry”, a set of Goddess prayer beads. I chose to keep the same general form of a Rosary but made a few changes to make it uniquely Pagan.  I used a 2″ pewter focal charm in the shape of the Goddess instead of a crucifix.  Three round rose quartz beads lead from the Goddess charm to the center connector. I found an amazing silver artist who makes Y connectors with Pentacles, this will replace the traditional Rosary center. Around the loop of the prayer beads I used a pattern of 5 round rose quartz beads separated by a slightly larger amethyst bead then 5 more rose quartz beads. A traditional Rosary uses 10 beads then a separator bead. The 5 beads are used to represent earth, air, water, fire, and spirit.  I chose rose quartz and amethyst partially for the aesthetic beauty of the stones and their complimentary colors but also for the feminine and self love properties of the rose quartz and amethyst for spirituality, dreams and intuition. I’m definitely thinking of doing different combination of gemstones, metals and charms to create prayer beads with other focus.

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of them yet. The weather is nice this weekend so I can get outside and try to get one or two. If you are interested in custom prayer beads please feel free to email me directly at Chris@silverravendesigns.com.

Happy spring blessings!

Crafty Holiday Gift

Every year for the holidays I always make my friends special handmade gifts. As a Pagan I try to make/reuse/re-purpose as many things as I can.  I often try to match the gift I make to a hobby or something else they enjoy in life. This year I decided to put together a Holiday Craft Bag for a few of my Christian girlfriends who like to scrap. I found a bunch of cool embellishments like clear acrylic frames and wire words. I found a bunch of clear acrylic stamps in the dollar bin at JoAnn’s. They were just too cute to pass up so I grabbed a few general sets and mini stamp blocks too. When I got home I knew that I had a few things from my own personal collection that I wanted to share.

I love using fibers and ribbons on my scrapbook pages and cards and over the years I’ve collected over 100 different kinds of ribbon, ric-rac, yarn and fibers. Some were special seasonal prints, some were vintage ribbons and fibers, like me it’s a very eclectic mix. I cut a yard each of dozens of fibers and ribbons to share with them. I also have a Sizzix Die Cut system and a bunch of cool dies. I have alphabets, basic shapes, dog tags, buttons, buckles, tickets and mini people. I punched a bunch of die cuts in different solid and patterned papers and added them to the bags. Each of my friends that received these gifts has kids so I used my alphabet die cuts to cut the names of each of their kids. I love using die cut letters. Their so easy, clean and slick looking. I wanted to share this time saver!

I know because of their kids they get busy and often their scrapbooks are put on a back-burner. I just wanted to share a little inspiration and some new embellishments that they might not have worked with before. I really hope they like their gifts and I hope their inspired to work on their books a little more too!

Blessed be,